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Transformational Life coaching By Naomi Light


Working with Naomi was amazing and unlike anything else I experienced before. She managed to bring something she had no way of knowing about me into my conscious awareness. 

It was literally eye-opening! 

I feel so much lighter as a result!


Sara, Author

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The visualisation tool that had the biggest impact and I started acting differently after that. That same week I had two big breakthroughs with the business; I’m sure it was due to my more confident approach.

Sarah, Feast and Share Supper club




Coaching for the whole person.

As a woman in today’s culture, the pressures are high. Not only do you need to be high performing in your career in a male-dominated culture but you need to have successful relationships, healthy self-image, physical and mental wellness and stay on top of a full diary of activities. Gumptious coaching supports you so you can support a fulfilled life.

Brain-based intelligence.

Grounded in mind science, our coaching tools work with your brain for high function. Together we can re-train your mind and tap its potential. We have a bank of tools that reinforce the work you do in 1 to 1 sessions.

Unlock the subconscious mind.

Learn to understand your subconscious mind through the mind-body connection. Use insight and the brain’s ability to ‘guess’ to give you short-cuts to effective solutions for a whole range of problems.

Tap into inner motivations.

Find the power-house of your personal purpose. Achieve greater alignment in your time, money and relationships. Discover the wellness that comes from living conflict-free.


"I am a completely different person these days. I have the confidence to speak in front of people. I wouldn't have believed the changes I have experienced could be possible for me."



What makes Gumptious unique?


Integrative coaching.

We don’t subscribe to any one coaching method meaning we can use any. Models and formulas are helpful to a point but you need a support solution as unique as you are. There are no fixed agendas in Gumptious; we are endlessly flexible and responsive to the needs of your life.

Client centred.

For as long as you are with us it is all about you. We are experts at creating space where all that matters is what you need. Our goals are your goals.

Optimised for leadership.

We want to enhance your influence for every setting you find yourself in. Our insights into collective psychology along with the methods for optimising mind-power position you for greater leadership. Personal growth is the forerunner to new opportunities.

Mindfulness approach.

The counterbalance to the excessive expansion of modern times is a new mindful way of living. We bring the latest science-based mindfulness information in innovative tools for calming, slowing and centring life. We believe that saying ‘no’ is sometimes more important than saying ‘yes’.



Naomi drew me to the treasure within. By enabling me to reclaim my power, find my voice and ditch the good girl approach to life. 

I found that in nurturing my body, finding my authentic self and living well made me able to love myself and others.




Gumptious coaching is for you if:

  • You have an appetite for more success
  • You want someone to support you (and make you feel valued)
  • You have potential that you want to unleash
  • You place a high value on the emotional, mental and physical well being
  • You are a leader in life or work (to us leader means mum, grandma, volunteer trustee member, not just boss)

Working with us you will get:

  • Our flexible person-centred approach. Your goals are our goals

  • Access to our bespoke toolkit of brain-based resources
  • A delighter gift (it would spoil the surprise if we told you)

Find out about our coaching packages. Or book a video call to find out if a session of coaching is right for you. Its free and there is no salesy pitch, just a good chat and a new connection.



Working with Naomi has been a big influence on the direction of my online business. I have gone from idea to concept to launch. Naomi’s insight has shaped the brand and also shaped me as a leader. I now have confidence in what I bring and have been able to find my voice and my niche.





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